Prof. Katarzyna Dondalska - po koncercie w San Diego!

Katarzyna Donaldska (soprano),
Alexander Kaimbacher (tenor)
Kiev-Aniko Ballet 
Strauss Symphony of America,
András Deák (conductor)
Aniko Rekhviasvili (choreography and costumes),
International Champion Ballroom Dancers,
Csaba László (choreography),
Szilvia Szatmári-Nagy (costumes)
Katarzyna Dondalska is one of the highlights of the evening, particularly when singing her own arias. A bit brassy around the edges, this coloratura has some of the most extraordinary precision in today’s operatic world. After delivering a spunky rendition of “Spiel’ ich die Unschuld vom Lande”, her momentous delivery is found inside Offenbach’s “Les oiseaux dans la charmille.” Excessively spoofy and blatantly humorous, Mlle. Dondalska’s gesticulations are a result of clever crafting, alongside improvisational coloratura which excels beyond expectations: there’s an uncanny manière of pinching the highest of notes without hinting at timidity or exhaustion...her fermatas go on forever and reach into outer orbit! Fabulous delivery.
Christie Grimstad