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Impresje studentów Erasmusa

About the impressions of my Eramus stay at your academy:
When I decided to study one year abroad with the Erasmus+ programme I chose Poland because of my professor and I chose the Univerity of Arts of Szczecin because we had an agreement between the academies and because I asked for information about the proffessors.
The relationship with the professors and the students was really good (of course I was closed with some students and not so close with others) but the ambient was okay. For me there were only two problems: that we were the first erasmus student of the music academy and the language, because it was complicated to communicate in english ( but it wasn't impossible and I could learn a little bit of polish).
The academy and the dormitory were on the center of the city and the buildings were beautiful. At academy I didn't have a lot of problems to have a sala to practice so it was really good and the schedule was amazing: from 6 am to 10 pm.
I'm really happy with the decision that I made, I think that Erasmus is always a good experience that we should try once. I suggest you to try it, you won't regret it!

Thank you very much for everything,
Ana García-Saguar Pérez.
Before coming to Szczecin I never really visited Poland even though I am from Prague, which is not that far away. This was my second Erasmus, last year I went to England and this year I wanted to try something opposite and see the more Eastern part of Europe. Szczecin surprised me a lot, it is a smaller city but it has everything that is needed. I’ve heard it is a lot different than other Polish cities, the architecture and the whole vibe have blown me away. But the most I was surprised of were the people. Everyone was really helplful and friendly and I am glad I’ve met so many local students my age and saw how they live for art. I think I have never seen such focused students that love what they do and are trying to push the art boundries and also change the city into a new cultural place. Also it is very rare to see the teachers to encourage and motivate students like they do in this Academy. I really enjoyed how open minded and contemporary this Academy is and I am very proud it is improving so quickly even though it has existed just for a few years. It was truly an honor studying here.

Thank you and kind regards,
Eva Gajdosova


One from reasons why I chose Akademia Sztukiis that this univerzity has similar study programme as my university in the Czech republic.

With my friend Kamila Pokorná, we said, why not Poland? This state is similar to our country, we have a few „same“ words, so lets go.



We were really surprised, how it is different to our system of education. E.G. your best mark is 5, our is 1.

In our country we have one the most important artistic subject in our choosen specialisation which is also main artistic exam for us. We must succesfully defend it in the end of semester.This subject (exam) is the most superior than others component subjects during semester and it means that we have more time for do it. But in Szczecin we have a lot of important artistic exams and not much time for do it very well.

The building of Adameia Sztuki are really nice with full equipment. Although there were language barrier, we had support in teachers and also in classmates. We are grateful that we can met students from all classes, different ages and studios- ilustration, old graphic techniques, painting, computer graphic, studio of posters etc.



Thecity is beautiful. Large roads with old buildings from brickes. Aroma of chocolate floats near to the river. Beautiful gardens. We often went to the river or into the park to walk there.

Thanks to cheap tickets in trains, we made some trips arounds. E.g. to the Swinoujscie to look the sea or in to the Miedzyzdroje.


Generally said, it were really nice four months in our life, full of experiences and both time to time remember for that with smile.

Zdena Hrušková



Akademia Sztuki – Student exchange review

I studied at Akademia Sztuki in Szczecin, at the painting and new media department for the spring semester, and I had a great stay. I was treated with a very welcoming and professional manner.
From my stay I have gained much knowledge and experience. This department specialize in different media, from painting and drawing to photography, video-art, performance, audio and more.
I felt very comfortable to consult with the professors about my artistic projects.
I was mostly impressed by the many facilities that the institute had to offer: Many painting studios, computer workshops, and everything is well-equipped (for example: with cinematic and audio equipment, VR stations, motion tracker suits, 3D scanners and more). There is technical support when you need it.
There are many opportunities for the students, and I had the privilege to have my own exhibition there.
If you are interested in improving your skills and gaining experience - I highly recommend Akademia Sztuki.

Lior Nordheimer (Israel)

Akademia Sztuki