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TICASS International Conference

“Urban Visuality, Mobility, Information, and Technology of Images”

Zapraszamy naukowców z różnych dyscyplin do udziału w konferencji, aby stworzyć platformę do wymiany pomysłów na temat komunikacji wizualnej i miejskiej przestrzeni publicznej.

Konferencja odbędzie się 6-7 grudnia 2018 r na Uniwersytecie Pwani w Kilifi w Kenii.

Termin składania abstraktów - 30 czerwca
Ostateczne decyzje w sprawie przyjęcia - 30 września

Poniżej znajdują się szczegółowe informacje.


Visual communication is the main medium organizing public space in cities. Visual messages direct traffic, guide human mobility in everyday affairs, inform the public, and they advertise. However, urban visuality is not limited to material signs, with just images; it contains much more – a visual structure of the place, of each city. This structure may be more rigidly organized and imposed within a system of agreement upon official signs, or  it may be more freely negotiated by the participants of the public space in a city. The forms of visual organization of public space in cities are conditioned culturally and economically.


The aim of this conference is to:

- inquire upon urban visuality in European and African countries,

- analyse the relation between forms of visual organization in public space in the city and the forms of human mobility within it,

- analyse the intercultural interactions within the urban space of mobility,

- reflect upon possible changes in visual communication in public spaces, concerning both human safety and the human need for free expression.


We would like to encourage scholars from various disciplines – from Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences – to contribute to the conference concerning the above issues, to create a platform for exchanging ideas on visual communication and urban public space (serving toward deeper theoretical reflection, as well as social innovation.)


We invite submissions of:

- abstracts of theoretical presentations (max 300 words)

- deions of artistic workshops (max 300 words)


During the Conference, participants will visit the exhibition “RAPPROACHMENT with public space” held in Pwani University Library.


Deadline  for abstract submission – 30th June

Final decisions on admission – 30th September


Submit abstracts to:

Dr. Aleksandra Lukaszewicz Alcaraz: aleksandra.alcaraz@ticass.eu

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