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Visuality from Intercultural Perspectives: technologies of imaging in communication, art and social science

This collection of essays centers on visual communication. Contributors to the volume investigate how different visual literacies shape communication within and between different communities and to the cultural specificities of visual literacy in business practices in different places. The essays, written by scholars, artists and visual communication professionals from a range of countries, are well researched and written. The essays offer theoretical insight and provide case studies on visual communication – public art, new media and architecture are among the topics discussed. Visuality from intercultural perspective makes a valuable contribution to the historical and cultural understanding of visual communication.”

[prof. Arnold Berleant]

Wydawnictwo w języku angielskim stanowi podsumowanie badań prowadzonych w ramach międzynarodowego projektu badawczego TICASS: Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art and Social Science.


Oficjalna strona wydawnictwa: wydawnictwowminm.akademiasztuki.eu

Oficjalna strona projektu: www.ticass.eu

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